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Wording Dilemma: Listing the Deceased

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Q: My father passed away several years ago. I’m currently planning my wedding and I’d like to honor him in as many ways as possible. I want to include his name on my wedding invitation, but I’m not sure how … Continued

Help! Color Confusion

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Q: I picked my wedding colors a few months ago thinking we were going to have a summer wedding, but our venue changed and now we’ll be pushing our date to April 2014 (boo!)… so I really want to change my … Continued

Delivering a Wedding Gift

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Q: Recently a good friend told me that it is now considered improper to actually take your wedding gift to the wedding. She says that modern etiquette dictates that gifts should be delivered to the couple before or after the … Continued

Wedding Wardrobe Dictator

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Q: I’m planning a nautical themed wedding and I really, really want all of my guests to wear either navy or green. I know it seems silly, but I think a cohesive look will really tie everything together. Can I … Continued

My “Something Old” Dilemma


My future mother-in-law has eagerly suggested that I wear her wedding veil as my “something old”. My own mother has offered her veil as well. While their offers are sweet and the thought of wearing such a special, personal item … Continued