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Wedding Vows: Dos & Don’ts

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Gents, let’s chat vows.  I know, I know… not many of you fellas would actually suggest writing your own wedding vows.  I don’t know why exactly, but I get that putting pen to paper and expressing your everlasting love might … Continued

Ribbon Booklet Programs

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Friday Monica and I tied pretty bows for Nancy’s classy booklet programs.  She selected our popular navy & grass green inks with navy ribbon for her wedding day stationery.  (Photo taken while these programs awaited having their bow tails trimmed.) … Continued

Unique Unity Ceremonies

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The unity ceremony is a visual representation of the love that a couple promises to share, the happiness they will nurture, and the families of both the bride and groom joining together.  The unity candle is one of the more … Continued

No Kids Allowed

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I really want to have an “adults only” wedding ceremony and reception. I’d like to note this on my wedding invitation but I’ve heard that is considered a no-no. What should I do?   -Kate from NC Oh, Kate, you … Continued