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Delivering a Wedding Gift

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Q: Recently a good friend told me that it is now considered improper to actually take your wedding gift to the wedding. She says that modern etiquette dictates that gifts should be delivered to the couple before or after the … Continued

Uniquely Cool Boutonnieres

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Most grooms probably aren’t picking out their own boutonnieres, however, I’m sure if they did they would only wear the most awesome ones.  Brides, listen up, take a look, and make your man proud with these modern and original bouts. … Continued

A Day with… Kristin!

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Well, meet me, Kristin, The Green Kangaroo‘s Production Manager and Lead Blog Author/Manager.  I feel like I already know you all since I write to and for our Between Designs readers nearly every day, but I’m guessing you don’t know … Continued

Beaming Bride to Happy Wife!


Well, fellow brides… this past year of planning has come and gone with a quickness and I have transitioned from “beaming bride” to “happy wife,” with perhaps a little bit of “crazy lady” in the middle there.  That part only … Continued

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

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Guys, you’re tough to buy for… even when it’s another guy doing the buying.  My groom was in this what-to-get-my-groomsmen predicament a few weeks ago and we had a few conversations about what would be cool, useful, and also thoughtful.  … Continued