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Christina + Andy: Celebrating in triplicate


A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to an incredibly adorable couple, Christina and Andy. If you missed how they met and fell and love, read this first! Andy is Jewish and Christina‚Äôs background is Cambodian. Both of their … Continued

Christina + Andy: Romance with Roots

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I know less than a handful of people who met their spouses before high school. It’s certainly a rare and beautiful thing to grow and change with the person you eventually marry! Such was the fate of Christina and Andy. … Continued

Saja + Aaron: True Chemistry (Part 2)

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It can be a truly beautiful thing when cultures collide, and Saja and Aaron are living proof! Saja, a Palestinian American and Muslim, and Aaron, a Southerner who grew up on a Eastern North Carolina farm, were acquainted by a … Continued

Yasmin + Tyseer: Two Worlds Collide

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Few women can say that they met their mother-in-law before their husband. But that is only one small facet of Yasmin and Tyseer’s unique story! Yasmin, a North Carolinian, met Tyseer’s mother, a Minnesotan, at a summer camp in New … Continued