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Noah’s Safari Party


Another year has come and gone and my tiny baby is now a 2-year-old “big boy.” I honestly don’t know how this happened so quickly. But, happen it did! As promised, this edition of Little Joeys is all about my … Continued

Lori’s First Year Fave: Noah turns One

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Looking back over a full year of amazing Between Designs articles, it was tough to pick a favorite! Not-so-surprisingly, my fave has to be our very first Little Joeys article. Celebration: 365 Days of Noah was all about my own “Little … Continued

A Handmade Safari Party


We love being crafty here at The Green Kangaroo and our Handmade articles are some of my most favorite.  This extra special one is no exception.  Lori’s own little joey, Noah, is about to turn two and she’s planning a … Continued

Nursery: Crushin’ on Coral

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Coral has been, by far, one of the hottest colors this season. From modern wedding invitations to wedding decor, from colored denim to funky jewelry, from nursery design to birth announcements … we are seeing it everywhere. It’s all about coral! … Continued

A Heart Shaped Day

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First of all, I have to take a moment (before I start rambling about this love-dovey holiday) to wish Cameron, Head ‘Roo Kristen’s Littlest Joey, a very Happy 1st Birthday from The ‘Roo Crew. Happy Birthday, Cam! And now … … Continued