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Amy + Will: Old World Elegance


Friendship is a precious part of every committed relationship, so why not make it the cornerstone? In August 2004 on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, Will, the captain of the Pitt drumline, and Amy, the newest member of the majorette team, … Continued

Style: Art Deco

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Inspired by the art deco style, we’ve put together a soft, neutral wedding day look with geometric patterns and feminine touches of feathers and lace. For more vintage glam goodness, head over to Pinterest!  What do you love most about … Continued

Film: Moonrise Kingdom

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Over the summer, I joined some friends at our local independent theater, The Rialto, to catch an evening showing of Moonrise Kingdom, a film that at that point I knew nothing of.  It wasn’t until I was in my seat … Continued

Ooh La Lace!

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Lace can come off as dated.  It’s true.  In fact, it actually is dated: the craft originated in ancient times, with true lace work evolving around the end of the 15th century.  Today, however, brides are breathing new life into … Continued

Branded: LIT Decor


Inspired by the intricate detail adorning LIT Decor’s handpainted lanterns, we’ve put together an elegant Moroccan themed wedding day look.  Understated colors with exquisite patterns give this traditionally vibrant style a calm and romantic feel. LIT Decor, based in Cary, … Continued