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Creative Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

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With my wedding day just a few short months away, there are still some details I haven’t yet figured out.  Our ceremony backdrop is one of them.  We’re getting married indoors at an arboretum, and while the outdoor parts are … Continued

A Handmade Safari Party


We love being crafty here at The Green Kangaroo and our Handmade articles are some of my most favorite.  This extra special one is no exception.  Lori’s own little joey, Noah, is about to turn two and she’s planning a … Continued

Lazy Daze

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It’s been a relatively quiet week here at The Green Kangaroo.  Sometimes the days fly by and I’m left wondering “What did we do all week?!”  Well, let’s see… Katie worked her magic to bring us another Uniquely You real … Continued

One of a Kind Wedding Invitations

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With only a little over three weeks (yes, weeks!) to go, I have been going, going, going non-stop to make sure all of our grand ideas come together successfully on September 15.  It is crazy to think how fast time … Continued

Festive Tassels Bring the Happy


Tassels can pretty much adorn anything.  Curtains, bookmarks, the ceiling of cars (awesome!) have all seen a little tassel action at some point in time, but none pull off this festive adornment like weddings.  I love this wedding trend because … Continued