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Handmade Sneak Peeks


Throughout my wedding planning, I’ve found that working in the wedding industry, and especially at a custom wedding invitation boutique, has been both a HUGE perk and also a little bit of a challenge.  Between the work we do at … Continued

Style: Modern Idyllic

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Clean lines and simple decor are softened with textured layers of fabric and natural elements in today’s wedding day inspiration board.  Contemporary and romantic, this modern idyllic look is structured with sophisticated shapes and elegant raw edges in a muted … Continued

COLOR it Lovely!

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We have a new addition to the Weekly Rally this week: Color it Lovely.  Color what lovely, you ask?  Everything!  Be inspired to color your wedding, your home, your new little one’s nursery, or even your wardrobe.  We’ll be picking … Continued

Brian + Will: A Capital Couple


Meet Brian (left), a Communications Manager with American Gaming Association and crew rower, and Will (right), a National Sales Manager with Visit Charlotte and country-western dancer, a sweet pairing made in a very modern way: And a dashing pair at … Continued

Travels: Easter Island

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Founded on Easter Sunday in 1722 by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, this remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was dubbed “Easter Island.”  The history of the island (Polynesian name: Rapa Nui) is rather captivating and, along with … Continued