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Wedding Colors: Majestic Hues

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Jewel tones always delight and this majestic combination is bold, while feminine, and fit for the finest occasion. Pictured:    Champagne Printing Paper  |  Majestic Shimmer Paper  |  Soft Gold Shimmer Paper (hello, envelope liners!)  |  Latte & Sangria Inks  |  … Continued

Stir it Up: Gold Martini


Gather supplies: (yields 1) Gold Luster Dust 2 oz Citrus Flavored Vodka 1 tbsp Powdered Sugar 1 tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 1 Lemon Wedge for Garnish Mix it up: Using a fluffy brush, lightly brush a martini glass with … Continued

Yasmin + Tyseer: Two Worlds Collide

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Few women can say that they met their mother-in-law before their husband. But that is only one small facet of Yasmin and Tyseer’s unique story! Yasmin, a North Carolinian, met Tyseer’s mother, a Minnesotan, at a summer camp in New … Continued

Engagement Ring Trends


Why not kick off the “month of love” with some stunning engagement rings?!  Whether you’re already engaged, hoping to be, or even against the idea, you have to admit these engagement ring trends are quite enchanting.  If your fella won’t … Continued