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Help! Color Confusion

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Q: I picked my wedding colors a few months ago thinking we were going to have a summer wedding, but our venue changed and now we’ll be pushing our date to April 2014 (boo!)… so I really want to change my … Continued

Listing Registry Information


Q: I’d like to list my registry information on my wedding invitation. I’d also like to tastefully note that I’d prefer to receive only gifts that are listed on our registry. How should I note this request?  – Hannah from … Continued

My “Something Old” Dilemma


My future mother-in-law has eagerly suggested that I wear her wedding veil as my “something old”. My own mother has offered her veil as well. While their offers are sweet and the thought of wearing such a special, personal item … Continued

Wording Dilemma: Listing the Parents

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My fiancé’s parents, who aren’t financially contributing to our ceremony or reception, want their names listed on our wedding invitation along with the names of my parents. My own parents, however, prefer very traditional wording and don’t think his parents … Continued

Bow ties, thank you notes & Earth Day

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From thank you notes to bow ties to a stop motion film- we had an exciting week on Between Designs!  Here’s a quick re-cap: On Monday we celebrated Earth Day with a Style: Eco-Chic wedding inspiration board.  Repurposed books used … Continued