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Hello, my name is Moluccella


Nice to meet you.  They call me Moluccella laevis.  I know, my name doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue.  It’s pronounced ‘mol-yoo-SELL-uh LAY-viss’.  Most people call me Bells of Ireland, although strangely enough, I’m not from Ireland.  Must be my … Continued

Forever Bouquets


Have you ever thought of carrying a brooch bouquet down the aisle?  What about toting around a button bouquet?  Ribbons, brooches, buttons, papers, and beads are just a few of the things making up today’s unique bridal bouquets. Just think … Continued

Color Theory: Sapphires + Apples

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I cannot believe it is already September; it seems only yesterday I was wishing for the snow to melt and the sun to shine.  Now summer has nearly passed and fall is beginning to tempt us. Being a September baby … Continued