Wedding Invitation Font Guide: Part 2

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Two weeks ago, we introduced you to the different types of fonts we offer.  (If you missed the first part of our font guide series, you can catch up here!)

When selecting fonts for your wedding invitations, you might find you like a handful and you’re unsure which will look the best side-by-side. The main question you should ask yourself is, “How formal is my wedding?” Some blocks and scripts just have a more formal look about them, while others have a casual vibe.

Overall, serifs and formal scripts yield a traditional, elegant effect, as seen on the Pelican Wedding Invitation.

Sans serif font with Formal script font

All-caps block fonts especially carry a strong, stately appeal and go hand-in-hand beautifully with formal scripts. The Classic Traditional Clutch Wedding Invitation is an excellent example of this dynamic.

All-caps block font with Formal script font

On the opposite end of the scale, sans serifs and contemporary scripts suggest a more laid back, carefree occasion. Such a pairing is found on the bold Color Block Wedding Invitation.

Sans serif block font with Contemporary script font

If your event is somewhere in between ballroom and beachside, you might consider pairing a sans serif with a formal script! The fonts on the Plume Wedding Invitation illustrate this juxtaposition.

Sans serif block font with Formal script font

Don’t worry if you’re still at a loss when it comes to matching fonts. If you happen to pick two that don’t get along, we’ll politely let you know and suggest a few alternatives!

While our font preview tool is quite useful — and worth checking out! — it is not all-inclusive, which is why we’ve put together these downloadable font sheets for you to print out at home! With this as a guide, you should be able to make a more informed decision on which fonts are just right for you and your wedding invitations.

Click here to download our free font guide!

New: Vegas Save the Date & Stationery

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If you bet we would complete the Vegas design suite, it’s time to cash in! Following last week’s Vegas Wedding Invitation is the Vegas Save the Date — get your prospective guests excited about your upcoming nuptials in sunny Nevada!

Vegas Save the Date and Menu

Matching wedding day stationery is available as well — check out the Vegas Program, Vegas Menu, Vegas Place Card, Vegas Table Card, and Vegas Favor Tag. Remind your family and friends of all the great times you shared with the Vegas Note Card.

The Design Team is busy dreaming up beautiful invitations to bring you new designs every Friday. If you miss one, no worries! You can see all of the 2014 Designs on our Pinterest board.

New Design: Vegas

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Las Vegas isn’t just for spur-of-the-moment weddings anymore! For anyone planning to have a blowout destination wedding in the gambling capitol of the U.S., we’ve got you covered. The Vegas Wedding Invitation is a happy balance of bold and beautiful, with subtle card suit accents. Make this piece perfect for you by selecting your own paper, inks, and fonts!

Las Vegas Wedding Invitation

The Design Team is busy dreaming up beautiful invitations to bring you new designs every Friday. If you miss one, no worries! You can see all of the 2014 Designs on our Pinterest board.

Wedding Invitation Font Guide: Part 1

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Choosing fonts for your wedding invitations can be the most overwhelming part of the ordering process, but it doesn’t have to be! Often, our customers will opt for the fonts shown on the example invitation, which is obviously pretty straightforward. But one of the benefits of ordering a wedding invitation from The Green Kangaroo is ultimate customizability (if that’s even a word!) Whether you’re trying to match your personality or the personality of your event or venue, this first article in our font series introduces you to the types of fonts in our collection and what makes them special!

TGK’s fonts can basically be broken down into four different categories: Block Fonts, Formal Scripts, Contemporary Scripts, and Stylized Fonts.

We offer a nice variety of block fonts in three different styles: serif, sans serif and all-caps.

Types of Block Fonts

Formal scripts are by far the most popular among our customers, as they embody the idea of a classic wedding invitation. Many of our formal scripts are equipped several variations — or “glyphs” — of each letter, which allows us to create a rich, calligraphic feel.

Formal Scripts with and without glyphs

Our contemporary scripts are most popular on modern, casual designs. Several of them are often chosen for beach wedding invitation designs because of their laid-back vibes!

Contemporary Script description

Most of our stylized fonts have “strong personalities” and are usually found on our more modern invitation designs that pack a lot of punch! In other words, they’re not necessarily well-suited for just any invitation! They can also be used as accent fonts, paired with a block/block or block/script combo on milder designs. If you’re not sure about using one of these on your order, we’re more than happy to lend our opinion!

Types of Stylized Fonts

Make sure to check back next week for the second article in our font series, which will cover font pairing! Plus, we’ll include a downloadable, printable chart of ALL our fonts so you can get to know them up-close-and-personally!

New: Vine Save the Date & Stationery

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The Vine Invitation suite has grown! If you’re busy planning your summer or fall wedding, send your guests a warm head’s up with the Vine Save the Dates!

Vine Save the Date, Menu and Favor Tag

Make your day complete with Vine Programs, Vine Menus, Vine Place Cards, Vine Table Cards, and Vine Favor Tags. Don’t forget about the sweet little Vine Note Card!

The Design Team is busy dreaming up beautiful invitations to bring you new designs every Friday. If you miss one, no worries! Obviously, we’re just getting started, but you can see all of the 2014 Designs on our Pinterest board.