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Calligraphy & Guest Addressing

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Q: I’d love to have my wedding invitation envelopes addressed with calligraphy, but it just doesn’t fit in my budget. I don’t have pretty handwriting, so I don’t think hand addressing them is a good option. Do you have any … Continued

Listing Registry Information


Q: I’d like to list my registry information on my wedding invitation. I’d also like to tastefully note that I’d prefer to receive only gifts that are listed on our registry. How should I note this request?  – Hannah from … Continued

Bridal Shower Blues

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Q: I have a friend who sweetly and excitedly volunteered to throw a bridal shower for me after she heard that I was engaged. Time has passed quickly and my wedding is now less than 3 months away. My friend … Continued

Wedding Wardrobe Dictator

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Q: I’m planning a nautical themed wedding and I really, really want all of my guests to wear either navy or green. I know it seems silly, but I think a cohesive look will really tie everything together. Can I … Continued

My “Something Old” Dilemma


My future mother-in-law has eagerly suggested that I wear her wedding veil as my “something old”. My own mother has offered her veil as well. While their offers are sweet and the thought of wearing such a special, personal item … Continued