Monica Womble

MONICA {Hudak} is the newest member of the TGK team and, as the Production Assistant, has a hand in assembling and ensuring the superior quality of each and every piece of stationery that comes through our studio. So when your order arrives with those perfectly perky bows and seamlessly aligned layers of paper, you can be sure they got a taste of Monica’s TLC!
Originally from North Royalton Ohio, she is a Southern transplant with siblings scattered across the East coast. Beyond the studio, Monica loves plants, gardening, and horticulture and holds a dream of one day owning her own orchid greenhouse and orchid business. And don’t let Monica’s other “girlie” pastimes of crochet, crafting, and cooking fool you; this renaissance chick is also a mean cornhole player!

UPDATE! Monica's engaged! The best Christmas surprise ever!

Monica's Favs:
{Starbucks Beverage} I don't really drink coffee, so it's tea...iced, sweet, hot.
{Childhood Cartoon/TV Show} Animaniacs.
{Color} My favorite color is green b/c... 1) It is cheery, 2) bright, and 3) the color of plants.

Monica's Posts:

Lenten Rose: A Winter-Flowering Beauty

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Lenten rose, Helleborus x hybridus,  is not actually a rose at all, but a cousin of the buttercup.  Hellebores bloom in winter, usually anywhere between January and March.  It can be hard to find unique flowers for a wedding this … Continued