Lori Blair

LORI is our Official Guru of Service, Sales, & Marketing and our link to the outside world. She makes sure our customers are happy and that TGK is out and about anywhere else she thinks we need to be. If you call with a question, Lori is that friendly voice at the other end of the phone providing you with limitless knowledge on everything from paper selections to invitation wording. Lori’s most important role is as “ad-hoc-best-gal-pal-who-knows-everything-about-wedding-stationery” for each and every bride we work with (though she is a bit leery of the emerging presence of “Groom-zillas.”)

Originally from Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Lori is a “closet poet” and loves nothing more than to kick back with her sweet hubby, her baby boy, and her faithful four-legged companion.

Lori's Favs:
{Starbucks Beverage} It's a tie! Caramel Light Frappuccino or Caramel Macchiato
{Childhood Cartoon/TV Show} Punky Brewster, Full House & Growing Pains
{Color} It changes every year! I suppose, right now, it's Green, b/c... 1) it's the color of springtime 2) it's the color of my baby boy's eyes 3) it makes everything feel fresh, new and hopeful.

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