Wedding Invitation Font Guide: Part 2

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Two weeks ago, we introduced you to the different types of fonts we offer.  (If you missed the first part of our font guide series, you can catch up here!)

When selecting fonts for your wedding invitations, you might find you like a handful and you’re unsure which will look the best side-by-side. The main question you should ask yourself is, “How formal is my wedding?” Some blocks and scripts just have a more formal look about them, while others have a casual vibe.

Overall, serifs and formal scripts yield a traditional, elegant effect, as seen on the Pelican Wedding Invitation.

Sans serif font with Formal script font

All-caps block fonts especially carry a strong, stately appeal and go hand-in-hand beautifully with formal scripts. The Classic Traditional Clutch Wedding Invitation is an excellent example of this dynamic.

All-caps block font with Formal script font

On the opposite end of the scale, sans serifs and contemporary scripts suggest a more laid back, carefree occasion. Such a pairing is found on the bold Color Block Wedding Invitation.

Sans serif block font with Contemporary script font

If your event is somewhere in between ballroom and beachside, you might consider pairing a sans serif with a formal script! The fonts on the Plume Wedding Invitation illustrate this juxtaposition.

Sans serif block font with Formal script font

Don’t worry if you’re still at a loss when it comes to matching fonts. If you happen to pick two that don’t get along, we’ll politely let you know and suggest a few alternatives!

While our font preview tool is quite useful — and worth checking out! — it is not all-inclusive, which is why we’ve put together these downloadable font sheets for you to print out at home! With this as a guide, you should be able to make a more informed decision on which fonts are just right for you and your wedding invitations.

Click here to download our free font guide!

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