Scrap Paper Challenge: Ornaments 2013

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Last year, we held our first Scrap Paper Challenge: Christmas Ornaments and this season we’re back with round two!  Same rules applied: 5 sheets of scrap paper, scissors, adhesive (or staples), and 30 minutes.  Look what we came up with…


Katie crafted two poinsettia ornaments with our cherry shimmer paper and hints of latte and chocolate shimmer.


I was going for a snowflake/geode look with these creations using latte, pewter, and bahama blue shimmer papers.


Lindsay ambitiously made this curvy and colorful star ornament using tropical pink, sweet pink, bahama blue, periwinkle, and tangerine shimmer papers!  (This is way easier to do with text weight paper.)

We may be tweaking some of our quickly crafted designs for use at home, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes looks at what we’re up to this holiday season!  And, of course, we’d love to see yours… so share a link or tell us what crafts you’re making this year.

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