Film: The Endless Summer


Inspired by the iconic late 60s surf movie, The Endless Summer, we’ve put together this loosely themed wedding day look full of beachy details and sun-drenched shades of orange, pink, and red.  How perfect is that ombre wedding cake in fantastic sunset hues?!  We also think TGK’s Chevron wedding invite or Ocean clutch would make a big splash with your guests!

surfboard and beach wedding ideas and inspiration

Lovely images:  Shell & surfboard place setting photograph by Milou & Olin Photography  |  Surfboard couple  |  Surfboard “guest book”  |  Ombre sunset wedding cake  |  Ring bearer with VW surfboard “ring pillow” from By the Seashore Decor  |  Gorgeous pink and orange bouquet

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  1. Wedding Invites Melbourne

    It was a good movie. Great photo of the bride and groom with surfboards ,just love it!


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