So Long, Farewell


I can’t believe it! But, it’s true. The time as come for me to say, ”so long, farewell – adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.” Yes, I had to quote the Sound of Music. I had to! As a child, I loved that movie. I probably haven’t watched it in over 10 years, but still today, whenever a goodbye is necessary, this is the soundtrack that I hear in my head.

It feels surreal to be saying “so long” to you (our dear brides, readers, friends and followers) after so many fantastic years with TGK. It’s been a lovely ride! After a bit of soul searching, I have decided to stay at home full time with my favorite boy (my 2-year-old, Noah) and his soon-to-be little sister. My growing family is ready for a new adventure! Still, leaving is bittersweet. I am excited and happy, but sentimental, sad … and even a little scared. What a change it will be!

I couldn’t just walk out the door on my last day, without a proper farewell! I may not be here (in the TGK studio) chatting with you on the phone or emailing you about your wedding invitations, but I will be out there somewhere — and, I’ll still be wishing you a wonderful “happily ever after!”

On that note, I leave you with …


Yes, yes – I couldn’t resist one last Sound of Music reference. Farewell, friends!

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  1. Kristin Austin

    We will miss you, Lori!!! Bring those pretty babies to see us anytime, okay?!


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