Film: Twilight


Inspired by Bella and Edward’s love in Twilight, we’ve put together this tastefully themed wedding day look with sparkly accents and touches of crimson.

twilight movie wedding inspiration board, black and white, red, plum

Set the tone for your elegant affair with The Green Kangaroo’s Bella wedding invitation.  Select Diamond shimmer paper and it will glisten like Edward in the sunlight!

Can’t get enough of Twilight themed wedding ideas?!  Go see more on Pinterest!

Pretty images:  Black wedding gown sash  |  Silver apple  |  Crimson and plum wedding bouquet  |  Red wedding shoes  |  Sparkly wedding cake and treats  |  Glittery twigs wedding decor

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  1. Brooke

    Love this! The deep crimson is beautiful– but it reminds me of blood, yikes!!


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