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Inspired by the wonderfully talented husband and wife team of Figs & Ginger, we’ve put together this modern woodland wedding day look!  We’ve featured an F & G Branded once before, but we just adore their incredible wares, so this time we took a cue from their jewelry line of birds, bunnies, and deer to inspire a wedding style that is natural, yet refined, paying close attention to the small and sweet details.

wedding day look inspired by figs & ginger - modern woodland wedding look with birds and deer

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We’re giving away a super sweet Circle Love Bird Necklace from Figs & Ginger this month to one very lucky reader!  To WIN this oh so delightful love bird necklace, simply tell us what lovely little extras you are incorporating (or did) into your wedding to make it extra special and especially you.  We’ll accept comments until Thursday (2/28) at noon (EST), and then pick our favorite based on creativity and sweetness!  The winner will be announced on Friday (3/1) at noon!

Once you comment, head over to Pinterest for more wedding style ideas inspired by Figs & Ginger!

And the winner is…  This was so tough!  We thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s comments — boy, have you all come up with some amazing and unique ideas for your weddings!  After a lot of thought, we have picked Michelle Holtz as our February winner!  Congrats, Michelle!!!

Lovely Images:  Woodland bouquet  |  Fawn Studs from Figs & Ginger  |  Mossy Twig Hairpins  |  Whimsical woodland place setting  |  Hearts wedding invitation by The Green Kangaroo  |  Woodland bride

15 Responses to “Branded: Figs & Ginger”

  1. Amber

    We met in college while I worked at the art museum, so we’re getting married in one of the galleries in the museum! Plus, we are having my old roommate officiate the wedding – he was always the one who encouraged us to get together so it only makes sense to have him marry us :) Then we will all go bar hopping on campus corner for one last night there!


  2. Michelle Holtz

    My finances last name is “Nichols” and since childhood that’s what all of his friends call him and have given him rolls of nickels for gag gifts. We decided to embrace his (my future) last name and purchased a working wishing well and will be putting nickels on the tables and asking guests to toss the nickels into the well and make a wish for us on our wedding day. Our take aways also are personalized silver tin foil coins (that look like nickels) and the tag on the box says “2 ‘Nichols’ are better than 1″. Nice little touches to give our wedding a personized theme that no one else can have! Hopefully I will win the necklace :)


  3. Kathleen D.

    This is the most adorable thing ever! We did a lot of things for our wedding. First of all, we had rubber duckies as our cake topper. Remember that song Dutty Love? Well, my hubby (then fiance) used to sing it like, “Rubber ducky ducky….” It was just perfect. I also assembled my own invitation and made my program completely from scratch. I cut cardstock, used borders punchers, and tied bows on all 100 of them. It just made it more personal in my opinion. For my little table gifts, my intention was to make macarons for everyone but the weather was SO crappy the week before I got married and they just didn’t work. I ended up with Jordan almonds and Lindt truffles in my wedding colors. My mother in-law made all the centerpieces which made my life so much easier. The last thing that really made my night was getting heirloom Chinese jewelry from my grandmother. At the reception, I changed into a red Chinese dress and got all dolled up in the jewelry. Not every wedding ahs something like this and not every Chinese woman chooses to do this. Knowing that I have something my grandmother owned for years will make it just that more special when I have a daughter and can pass those items along.


  4. Nicole M

    My fiance is in the food industry, so food was super important to us. We found the most incredible reception venue, with the best reviews for food. I know it may not be a ‘little thing’ but we wanted our guests to enjoy themselves in every aspect. We’ll also have a photo table at the reception to have our family and friends ‘present’ even though they have passed. Family is our number one priority at our wedding so we want to feel that connection throughout our special day. This necklace is literally perfect for my mom.. I call her mama bird and she calls me baby bird. I LOVE IT! xo.


  5. Megan M.

    Oh their items are so beautiful! I’ll have to check out their website for our own wedding because it looks like their items would fit perfectly with our earthy-elegant vibe we’re going for! We’re doing several DIY items, but also recruiting the help of friends, family and professionals. Our wedding ceremony is taking place on an old riverboat on a lake in the mountains with the reception on the a resort patio overlooking the lake. We met–and he proposed just over a year later–in a local spice and tea shop so our wedding favors are a custom spice blend that we put together ourselves. It doubles in sentiment because we both love to cook and entertain. He is also an assistant winemaker at one of our local wineries, so our “unity ceremony” is going to be the (nail and wax) sealing of love letters to each other with a quality bottle of wine in a box to be opened on our 10th anniversary. We’re going to have a second box open during the reception where our guests will write messages for our 5th anniversary. Our primary flower is going to be the sunflower, as a symbolic representation of his maternal grandmother that passed away a few years ago. Her favorite flower was the sunflower and though I never got to meet her, she has left quite the legacy.


  6. Abby Turner

    I made paper cranes for all of the tables for peace and also because I have a BA in Japanese history!


  7. Jenna

    We got married Oct. 26th, and my favorite movie is Corpse Bride, so we used Corpse Bride figurines as our wedding cake topper!


  8. Krista

    My sister had a lovely pearl with blue bracelet made for me with my dad’s photo. My dad passed away in 2001, so this will be a way for him to “walk me down the aisle”. I purchased a photo charm for my fiance’ to have his mom with him all day on his boutinerre as she passed away in 2005. My sister loves tulips, so I am having her bouquet uniquely done with those as no one but her will have them. My fiance’ and I met while at work (for different employers) in the railroad industry, so we are incorporating a could of train-theme items – favors for each guest include luggage tags with trains on them as well as chocolate trains with our wedding colors (blue and yellow) on them.


  9. Samantha

    We got married in front of our immediate family only then
    Had a large reception after. This was perfect for me because
    I don’t like getting up to speak infront of people or I didn’t back


  10. Cassie Skrzypek

    At my wedding, as we were leaving the church, we had our friends and family release butterflies to signify a new stage in our lives.


  11. Mello D

    I have no idea what I will do when I get married. I never thought about marriage until recently. I was always focused on school and my career. Reading the comments on your blog and they all sound so neat!


  12. Madison S.

    We are still in the initial planning stages but I knew right away that I didn’t want traditional floral centerpieces. So we decided in keeping with the modern vintage theme I wanted to use antique finds with small floral accents as our centerpieces. Its has been a great way to help decorate the house and has really given us a new hobby as we search through antique stores together! I think we’ve even started a new collection having already found several vintage cameras from the early 1900′s. The whole experience has been a wonderful bonding experience especially for the guy who typically does not step foot in a store, let alone spend hours in antique malls looking for the perfect new addition to the collection. I love the fact that he wants to have an input and is really taking part in the planning and details of the wedding. Plus every table is going to have a personal touch…something that we searched and found together; and something that we will have in our home as we start our married lives together!!!


  13. Kristin Austin

    Thank you ladies for all of the wonderful comments — we love to hear about your special wedding day details! Keep ‘em coming…


  14. Elizabeth H.

    My fiance and I love cycling so our theme for the wedding is “bikes and brews”. I’m an engineer at a manufacturing facility that produces glass containers (wine bottles, food jars, liquor bottles…etc) My mom makes wine as a hobby and we wanted to give that away as our favors so I designed and produced a one of a kind wine bottle with our names and wedding date and our bike logo embossed in the glass. We’re keeping the special bottle a secret from everyone and can’t wait to share it! We are also using several different bottles that we produce at my plant for our centerpieces. Our save the date was a picture of a bike using the wedding information to create the outline of the bike. Our names were the wheels and the date and location was the frame.


  15. Kristin Austin

    We picked a winner (see above)! Thank you all for commenting for a chance to win. It wasn’t easy picking just one of you… so many wonderful ideas! Next week we’ll be starting a new weekly giveaway and we’ll be hosting another Branded giveaway at the end of March, so don’t miss out! <3


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