Scrap Paper Challenge: Ornaments


Yesterday we held our second “Scrap Paper Challenge” and crafted a few ornaments for the studio.  We kept some of the same rules from our first Halloween costume challenge: up to 5 sheets of scrap paper per person, along with scissors and adhesive, and only 30 minutes on the clock.

scrap paper challenge - supplies

It’s always exciting to see who picks which colors; we each guess what the other might make, but we never tell ahead of time.

scrap paper challenge - lori made two cardinals

Lori crafted two adorable cardinals with her scrap paper.  Simple, cute, and so sweet.

scrap paper challenge - kristin made an abstract ornament

Truth be told, this was not my intention when I started cutting, but my plan fell through and instead I designed this abstract ornament.

scrap paper challenge - katie made christmas ornaments

Inspired by our favorite idea hot-spot, Pinterest, Katie crafted three Christmas ornaments in our challenge!

scrap paper challenge: holiday ornaments!

What do you think?  Do you have an easy ornament project that you enjoy making?  We’d love to hear!

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  1. Kristin Austin

    Oh, Melissa, those are cool! And we’re so happy that Ashlee’s excited!


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