Movember: Weeks 3 & 4 Update


We got a bit tangled up last week with the holiday and all, so we’ve got double the awesome for you this go ’round.  Check out our growth and help us change the face of men’s health by contributing to The Fu Manroos in support of Movember!

movember: week 3 update

Our hefty three-week ‘staches were a bit unruly, but they didn’t really keep us from doing what we enjoy… well, Katie’s was kinda cookie-blocking her.

movember week 4 update: katie

This past week, however, our beastly mos are unbelievable!  A bird made a nest in Katie‘s overgrown lip sweater… probably pretty warm for this winter weather.

movember week 4 update - monica

Another creature took a liking to Monica‘s bushy-tailed whiskers… watch out Mishu (her new cute puppy), momma might bring home a new friend!

movember week 4 update - lori

Lori showed off her wild-side this week and went all out with a mouth brow piercing… look at that mo bling!

movember week 4 update - kristin

I (Kristin) didn’t make any new furry friends or get bedazzled this week; instead, I made my flavor saver earn its keep… bacon, anyone?  Don’t mind if I do!

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