Nursery: Nautical & Nice

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These days, nursery trends are always evolving. They come and go so quickly in fact, that I find myself being drawn to styles that evoke a more lasting, timeless feel. And, what’s more classic than the tried-and-true nautical-themed nursery? There aren’t any rules when designing with a modern twist on this style. Take your pick among a wide variety of coastal-inspired pieces, add in a fresh color palette and ta-da, you’ve created your own little sea-side haven!

Nautical Themed Nursery & Birth Announcement from TGK

For more nautical nursery decor, clothing and inspirational pieces, check out my Nautical & Nice Pinterest board!

Images: a DIY life preserver; baby Elliott’s unique nursery from On to Baby; a nautical screenprint from Etsy; nautical themed pillows from Beyond the Rack; a patriotic boys room from Design Dazzle; Scallop birth announcement from The Green Kangaroo; and a nautical striped room from Design Dazzle.

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