Scrap Paper Challenge: Halloween 2012!


Being the creative gals we are, today we took on our very first “Scrap Paper Challenge” and styled four pretty amazing costumes!  We laid down a few ground rules and got to crafting.

scrap paper challenge: halloween 2012

With only 5 sheets of scrap paper and 1 piece of plain ol’ white paper each, along with scissors and adhesive, we had to create our own costume in less than 30 minutes.  The results are pretty awesome!  Everyone did such a great job, don’t you think?!

monica as a garden gnome

Monica was the perfect little garden gnome… love the eyebrows!  And that hat, of course!

katie as french kermit the frog

Katie gave Kermit the Frog a bit of French flair with a stylish beret… and did you notice his “French Fly?!”

lori as minnie mouse

Lori crafted a sweet Minnie Mouse costume with some very lovely pearl earrings!  (Noah will be so happy to see this!)

kristin as a western cowgirl

I got dolled up as a Western cowgirl… big belt buckle, holster, and all!

scrap paper challenge: halloween 2012

Happy Halloween from the ‘Roo Crew!  We hope you have a safe and “spooktacular” evening!  An especially happy Halloween goes out to the winners of our “Trick or Treat” giveaway… Krista wins our treat (the Posh Hanger) and Kathleen D. and Andrea will both be receiving our sweet tricks!

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  1. Kristin Austin

    Thank you both!!! This might have to become a tradition :)


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