Stylish Wedding Send-Offs


One of my favorite parts of a wedding is when the new “Mr. and Mrs.” walk out the doors of the ceremony venue and the guests shower them with bubbles, rice or confetti.  Throwing things on a newly wed couple dates back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians who did it with the intention to wish fertility, abundance or good luck on the couple (depending on what was thrown).

Today, there are a lot of venues that have restrictions on what can be thrown during a recessional exit and this has forced brides and grooms everywhere to get creative and come up with alternative “exit strategies.”


Popcorn and hand-rolled streamers both make for some great photo opportunities.  Glow sticks brighten up night send-offs.  Mini beach balls are perfect for a wedding by the shore, while paper airplanes will fit in perfectly with a travel-themed wedding (but I advise making some with blunt front ends, for obvious reasons).  And an exit of “low fives” is definitely unique.


What kind of send off will you be having at your wedding?

Check out Pinterest for some more exciting send-off ideas.

Image Credits: Popcorn Toss by Tim Harman Photography, Hand-Rolled Streamer Toss, Glow Stick Exit, Mini-Beach Ball Toss by Kay English Photography, Paper Airplanes, Low-Five Exit by La Vie Photography

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