Noah’s Safari Party


Another year has come and gone and my tiny baby is now a 2-year-old “big boy.” I honestly don’t know how this happened so quickly. But, happen it did! As promised, this edition of Little Joeys is all about my little man’s 2nd birthday party!

When picking a theme, I scoured Pinterest for ideas. I wanted to throw Noah a party based on his own style and interests. He’s always loved animals, so I finally decided on a safari theme. I called it a “Safari Party,” but Noah preferred to call it an “an-mal pahdy.” He loved wearing his safari hat and going “on safari” in the backyard with his friends. Aren’t they precious?!

I loved seeing how happy he was that day. That smile makes my world go ’round!

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party

In a recent Handmade post, we shared some of the crafts that I had been working on. They all came together perfectly to create the fun, bright, animal-crazy party that I had envisioned!

Kristin designed my custom TGK birthday party invitations, place cards and signs. They really set the tone and tied all of our decorations together! I was so pleased with the outcome. It was a perfect day and a wonderful way to celebrate our sweet Noah!

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  1. Kristin Austin

    Aw! Thanks for letting me help make decorations ;) It came together so great!


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