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a day with kristin: production manager/blog manager at the green kangaroo

Well, meet me, Kristin, The Green Kangaroo‘s Production Manager and Lead Blog Author/Manager.  I feel like I already know you all since I write to and for our Between Designs readers nearly every day, but I’m guessing you don’t know much about me other than I’m kinda crafty, I have a thing for Instagram photos, and I just married my best friend!

I started at The Green Kangaroo in September of 2008; I applied for a part-time opening as a student designer, but was instead hired as the production assistant.  (Katie wound up nabbing the designer spot about a week later!)  Along the way, I earned the title “Production Manager” and was eventually, and excitedly, given the lead of working on our blog as well.

Accompanied by a cup of coffee, I start my day by checking on pressing emails and then delving into what I call “Claims.”  At this point I assess all new orders, noting which materials we have in-house and which I will need to order.  I create paper, envelope, ribbon, and other purchase orders on a regular basis, while maintaining relationships with our various vendors.  I also quality check orders both before and after press.  If help with assembly is needed, I’m here to lend a hand.  A few days a week, I spend the latter part of my afternoon shipping orders.  As for the blog, I spend time after lunch each day brainstorming new article ideas, scouting pretty wedding day photographs, and seeking out trends and artists to feature.  I put together inspiration boards, contests, calendars, and a few email graphics also.

Quality control is the most important aspect of my job hands down.  When I am press checking an order or considering new materials/products, I approach the situation as if I were making the decision for myself.  Part of quality control for me goes beyond what our customers see, down to the nitty-gritty details that they don’t see.  Whether reducing our carbon footprint or passing along savings, being aware of and comparing details of our materials on a regular basis helps TGK make smart decisions which result in products we can truly stand behind.

My Expert Tip: Use your resources!  Planning a wedding can get a teensy bit daunting what with the vast amount of inspiration out there, but hone in on your style and then go after the information you want and need.  Use Pinterest to collect and share ideas, wedding forums to bounce ideas off other brides, and download other useful wedding apps to have help at your fingertips.  You know, you can even come to us… connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or comment on the blog.  Now that you’ve met us all, don’t be shy!

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