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Perfectionate is a fun and quirky Etsy shop full of handmade photo booth props and wedding day details.  Heidi Odom started Perfectionate after having such a great time crafting so many DIY projects for her own wedding.  Not only will her mustaches on sticks make you smile, but her whole shop is a well put together treat with enjoyable items and well styled photography.

branded: perfectionate - wedding details/scrabble tiles/photobooth props

Taking a cue from the merriment of Perfectionate’s silly hats and glasses and sweet Scrabble tile sayings, we’ve put together a rather nostalgic wedding day look full of board game memorabilia.  This wedding style is playful and interactive!

branded: perfectionate styled wedding day style; board game theme

So are you feeling lucky today?  You should be because we’ve got a Branded giveaway for you…

branded contest: bride and groom scrabble tiles

bride and groom scrabble tiles from perfectionate on etsyThis week we’re giving one lucky reader Bride + Groom Scrabble Tiles from Perfectionate!  You don’t have to roll any dice, pass go, or collect the most points… what you do have to do is comment below.  Tell us your favorite childhood game or how you would incorporate game pieces into your wedding and on Friday we’ll pick a winner at random.  Be sure to enter by Friday (10/5) at 12pm Eastern.  Good luck!

Check out Pinterest for other game inspired fun!

Images: (Top three of Perfectionate’s) Ultimate Photo Prop Set; “Love is Sweet” tiles; “We Do” tiles.  (Inspiration board) Couple lying down on picnic blanket; Game piece cake; “Love” photo with ring; Dancing sign; Board gametable.


18 Responses to “Branded: Perfectionate”

  1. Amber

    I’m not incorporating games into my wedding, but I was MOH in a board game themed wedding two months ago. The aisle was candy-land squares and the cake toppers were chess pieces! The programs and menus were Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly cards.


  2. Tova

    I love the idea of having board games available for those who want to take a break from the dance floor. I am asking my bridesmaids to bring their favorite childhood game to my shower so we can use at the wedding.


  3. Jenna Rolfs

    My favorite board game is CandyLand. A fun idea for a wedding reception, is to have each table be a different board game (i.e.: Sorry, Scrabble, Checkers, Trouble, Candyland, etc.). Then, the guest’s name tags could have the designated board game’s picture on them, so they would know which table to sit at, at the reception. You could even have the actual games on the tables so the guests could play them if they want to take a break from dancing. Also, if you have a lot of kids at your wedding, it would be a good way to entertain them, too!


  4. Amanda Stein

    I love these ideas! We have a game theme for our wedding bc of our love for games, and I’ve been trying to think about how to incorporate more in. We played cards, frisbee, and with Boggle at our engagement photo shoot, our Save the Date was a Rebus puzzle, our RSVP is a Mad Lib, and I’m planning to use jigsaw pieces as seating cards. My favorite childhood game was probably Uno – played it all the time and still do! :)


  5. Stacey Faulkenberg

    Amazing ideas and pictures! I want everyone to enjoy our wedding and not everyone loves to dance, so adding a games area seems like the perfect touch! Thanks for the inspiration :)


  6. Shyda

    omg! I would love to win the tiles because I actually was looking for something exactly like them! My fiance and I are big nerds–a simple date night for us meant dinner and Scrabble at home! Thanks for the opportunity!


  7. Caitlin

    MY favorite childhood game was candyland! I would use it as a theme to a candy table!


  8. Erin

    I’m a competitive league Scrabble player getting married in December and these would be so perfect! Our wedding theme is very lighthearted and one of our table centerpieces revolves around the games we like to play so Scrabble tiles would just be the icing on the cake.


  9. Lindsey

    I loved to play candy land when I was child. Today my finace and I play scrabble which would be cool to win. We use these tiles to be included in our wedding photos!


  10. Jaime @ The Excited Bride

    We are TOTALLY doing games – Candy Land, Scrabble, Yahtzee and more as well as active outdoor games. It fits our wedding and our personalities perfectly. :)


  11. Krista

    My favorite childhood games was Stratego. I am a total nerd.


  12. Erica

    I love this idea! We’re incorporating lots of unique things with a vintage feel so scrabble is perfect!


  13. Cristina Rodriguez

    My favorite game growing up was Monopoly! A tried and true favorite!! I was thinking about doing a wedding photo scavenger hunt with my guests to get oh so many more photos! What fun!!


  14. Brittany

    I love the idea of having games available for cocktail hour, while the bride and groom are busy taking their post-ceremony pictures. We’re going to try to have cornhole and giant jenga available, but scrabble is one of our favorites! Winning those amazing pieces would be amazing–and if I don’t win, I’m glad you posted the link to that awesome etsy shop so I can buy them myself!


  15. Kerri

    My favorite game was and is Mall Madness…a two-story mall and you must complete your shopping list while the store sales change and you have to go to the bank to pay for your purchases. Such a blast and so old-school looking now…sigh! Whenever my mother comes to town, I make her play it with me and it really is so much fun. I just have to be careful because the box is currently being held together with duct tape!!


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