Beaming Bride to Happy Wife!


handmade bride logoWell, fellow brides… this past year of planning has come and gone with a quickness and I have transitioned from “beaming bride” to “happy wife,” with perhaps a little bit of “crazy lady” in the middle there.  That part only lasted a couple of weeks, thankfully, and I don’t think I ever crossed the line into “bridezilla-dom.”  As soon as our wedding day came (okay, as soon as the ceremony came… that morning I was also a wreck) the weight of a thousand DIY projects, DJ woes, and wedding decisions was lifted and I was simply ecstatic, excited, and emotional to be marrying my best friend, surrounded by the ones we love.

sneak peeks of our wedding -- confetti and centerpieces

Our super amazing photographer, Becci Ames, is still perfecting our photos, so I don’t have much to share just yet, but I thought I’d sneak in a few shots.  My aunt Jan caught the one of us throwing up confetti after our kiss and Katie shared a sweet photo of our centerpieces on WedPics!  Thanks, ladies!

Being that I may have to switch up my Handmade Bride status soon, I’ll leave you all with a few more Lessons Learned

  • #28 – Don’t let the vast number of perfect fairyland wedding photos on the vast number of pretty wedding blogs overwhelm you!  Nearing our wedding date, I was still seeing things that I’d “ooh” and “aah” over, but I realized that many of those perfect scenes are actually staged and, even so, no one can have it all!  Prioritize the details that are most important to you and don’t get jaded by all the other lovely ideas out there.  Your day will be perfect, trust me!
  • #29 – When panic mode has set in and your sleep is interrupted by not-so-pleasant visions of wedding day details gone awry, take some valerian root and drink a couple glasses of wine.  Most importantly, remember that your day WILL be perfect!  Again, trust me!
  • #30 – As a few other girls shared with me, when you’re there at YOUR wedding, smiling, glowing, and loving every second, look up and take a look around… take it all in and treasure it.  All of those other smiling faces you see are there for you two and no matter what little thing may or may not go wrong they are happy to see you both so happy.  And that handsome face you get to stare at and kiss on all night, well, that alone will make it all sooo worth it!  So, one last time, trust me when I say that your day will be PERFECT!

I’ll end on this slightly serendipitous note… with both Matt and I being 30 years old on our wedding day, it seems fitting to have learned and shared 30 lessons over the past year.  Hopefully, some will come in handy during your planning or perhaps they’ll be fun to look back on or apply to normal every day married life!

Congrats to all of the other September couples out there!

sign off -- kristin


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6 Responses to “Beaming Bride to Happy Wife!”

  1. Katie

    The decor was phenomenal Kristin!! All your handiwork was totally worth those long hours — it came together beautifully!


  2. Tammy

    Awwwww. I’m getting all emotional again. Everything about your day was absolutely beautiful like you. So much of you and Matt was evident throughout the venue, from the handmade touches to the custom backdrop and music selections. You vows were just the sweetest I’ve ever heard. Job well done — wedding planning, creating, blogging, which by the way — the 30 lessons from a couple of 30 year olds is too cool. I’m so proud of you!


    • Kristin Austin

      A super special thanks to you, Mom! Love you!


  3. Patricia Curtis

    I clicked on your blog site from your mother’s facebook post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your well-written account and your sage advice. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Jan

    It was such a beautiful day! There were so many little details that made the occasion extra special…just like the two of you!


  5. Kristin Austin

    Oh, thank you all so very much! It’s so nice to hear such sweet comments <3 It means a lot!


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