A Day with… Kristen!


a day with kristen klett, owner of the green kangaroo

Meet Kristen Klett, CEO of The Green Kangaroo since 2002.  When Kristen founded TGK and assumed Head ‘Roo status, she probably didn’t think that she’d actually be more of a busy bee/social butterfly hybrid.  When she isn’t busy devising new strategies to promote TGK, she is out building relationships within the wedding industry and beyond.

“A very broad overview of my day:

  • Evaluate & update financial statements, sales reports, marketing reports etc…
  • Business Development activities which includes:
    • connecting with other entrepreneurs & wedding professionals
    • creating, planning and executing new initiatives to help grow and improve TGK’s business – internally and externally.
  • Product Design Review to ensure that TGK is on top of the latest and greatest style trends and colors.
  • E-commerce & site content analysis and updates
  • Special Projects (for industry events, conferences, etc…)”

When asked what she considered the most important aspect of her role at TGK, Kristen shared, “I think it’s important to touch nearly all aspects of my job on a daily basis, but there is no doubt that the most valuable and important part of my job is Business Development.”

Kristen isn’t all business, all the time, though.  She makes time to take her “Green Flyer” title seriously too — in kangaroo terms, that’s like a mama bear.  She’s always sure to say “Good morning” with a smile on her face as each of us arrive for the day; she is understanding when we pop in a bit late; and she helps to cover our duties when we are away.  She’s always the first to suggest a celebration and never lets a birthday pass without some pretty flowers and tasty treats!

Though Kristen has developed The Green Kangaroo to serve an international customer base, she has, more importantly, established a ‘Roo Crew family.  Our close ties help us maintain the business’ down-to-earth roots and make TGK as unique as the products we promote.

Kristen’s Expert Tip: Productivity and success aren’t byproducts of hard work alone. Discipline, focus, and careful planning are all part of the puzzle, too.  My favorite productivity tools are Google Apps/Docs and Remember the Milk.

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