A Handmade Safari Party


We love being crafty here at The Green Kangaroo and our Handmade articles are some of my most favorite.  This extra special one is no exception.  Lori’s own little joey, Noah, is about to turn two and she’s planning a super exciting safari themed birthday party for him… complete with safari hats, binoculars, and, of course, wild animal prints everywhere.  Last week she brought in a few projects to share with us!

safari animal paper pinwheels

Using 12×12 sheets of patterned paper, she showed me how to make these great pinwheels (or rosettes).  The project simply involves folding sheets of paper accordion-style and then gluing the seems together to create the pinwheel.  We used two sheets, but one or two more would bring your folds closer together.

safari animal patterned paper pinwheels

Lori used a scalloped craft punch to make contrasting medallions for the centers.  Just glue them in place and voila!  Use a small hole punch at the top of the pinwheel, attach string, and then they are ready to hang.

safari animal silhouettes

We also worked on safari animal silhouettes, which I love.  Lori sketched these onto black poster board and cut them out — easy-peasy!  She’s going to set them around the perimeter of her backyard fence and have the little ones “go on safari” to find them!  How cute is that?

safari themed birthday

We also made tissue paper poms in zebra and cheetah prints!  And we prepped pieces for a funky flag banner.  One thing’s for sure, Noah is going to have a cool and very well decorated party!  Lori has promised to share photos with us in a few weeks so we can see how all of these prints and colors come together for a roaring good time!  (We can’t wait!)

5 Responses to “A Handmade Safari Party”

  1. Tim Smith

    Wow; that’s a lot of work Lori! It looks fantastic! So much fun. I can’t wait to see his face and to enjoy all of the festivities of the party. You are something girl. Love you.



  2. Jan Francis

    That is completely awesome! Wish I could be there!


  3. Jan Francis

    Wish I could be at the party. The decorations look so awesome!


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