Wedding Vows: Dos & Don’ts

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groom trends logoGents, let’s chat vows.  I know, I know… not many of you fellas would actually suggest writing your own wedding vows.  I don’t know why exactly, but I get that putting pen to paper and expressing your everlasting love might not be your forte.  Really, though, don’t over think them.  If your bride-to-be is encouraging you to write your own vows, she’d probably rather hear one heartfelt line from you than ten repeated verses.  Unless, of course, it comes out like this…


Or this…


Think simple, sweet, and witty when it comes to writing your vows.  Jen from A Practical Wedding shared some tips on how she and her husband wrote theirs and her article is so worth checking out.  (A good read for you brides too!)  No matter the style or delivery, your vows need only be about the two of you… just steer clear of spreadsheets.

Scrubs clip of Turk practicing his vows sourced here.

The Vows video found on Staggered.  Credits: “Spread the love – follow the bejeesus out of these people up on Twitter:  (directors) Blaine Brothers - (lady actor type) Cariad Lloyd - (man actor type) Fraser Millward“ 

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