New Wedding Venue is Urban & Elegant

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AIANC Urban Raleigh NC Wedding Venue

Recently, TGK received the distinct honor of participating in the inaugural Bridal Open House for the American Institute of Architects (North Carolina) which debuted their very special new venue to the Raleigh, NC wedding community in late June.

This new space is home to the Center for Architecture and Design (CfAD) which opened the doors for architects and the community at large in January 2012.  Built to a LEED platinum standard, the space was clearly well thought out and executed. It is stunning in an organic and sophisticated way, inside and out.  Personally, I was drawn to the lawn and patio areas, infused with modern touches of elegance.


Elegant downtown Raleigh, NC wedding venue

I imagine couples seeking a very unique, very metropolitan, very eco-conscious wedding venue will be enthralled with this space.  What’s more, I found their team to be very gracious and accommodating – a definite bonus for any bride.

For more information on this extraordinary urban wedding venue, visit the AIANC/CfAD.

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