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Now that we are settled in our new studio, I thought this is the perfect time to start a new series called “A day with…” Each month we will learn a little more about a typical day for a member of the ‘Roo Crew and they will also share an expert tip.  Starting off this brand new series is our Lead Designer, Katie Hunt!

A Day With Katie

As Lead Designer, Katie manages all facets of the design process at TGK!  This includes reviewing new orders as each comes in, designing and revising most orders, setting all orders up for press and developing new design suites to add to TGK’s collection.  She also works with the Marketing Team to create ads and marketing graphics and writes a Uniquely You post for our blog once a month! Whew!

Here is a typical day for Katie described in her own words:

“Generally, I go through my email in case there are any urgent matters that need to be addressed immediately.  The first part of my day is dedicated to press set-ups.  Then, the majority of my day is filled with designing customers’ pieces and sending them proofs.  My assistant helps me with revisions and guest addressing.  As the day comes to a close, I try to fit in marketing and development work.”

When I asked Katie what she thought the most important part of her job is she responded, “serving the customers.”  Whether by quality control measures during the design, proofing and press process or trying to stay on top of trends to create new designs-she does all of this with the customer in mind.

Katie’s Expert Tip:  Order samples of the pieces you are considering.   The images online are fair examples of real products, but a sample is the best representation of what you’ll actually be ordering from us…and also very affordable.

Follow Katie on Twitter and Pinterest!  Also, read her monthly Uniquely You blog posts!

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