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kristin + matt engagement photos by becci amesLast week, Matt and I headed out to Shakori Hills, which hosts the Grassroots Festival that we look forward to each spring and fall; this trip was even more exciting, however, because we arranged for our photographer, Becci Ames, to join us on Thursday for our styled engagement shoot.  She had the sneak peek above posted before we even returned from our weekend camping trip!  The masks we wore were borrowed from Paperhand Puppet Intervention, a local group whose “mission is to make work that inspires people, promotes social change” through celebration and love of the Earth.  They are always a highlight of the festival; though they were not there last weekend, they were kind enough to let me borrow a few masks for our photos (thank you, Donovan!).  Lesson Learned #20 - Pick a location (and props if you use them) that holds meaning to you for your engagement photos, no matter how far-fetched others may think the idea is.  I’m sure a few people thought I was a bit silly when I hinted at our plans, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Aside from that bit of excitement, I’ve met with a few ladies this past month about helping us out with day-of coordination and such — and, oh boy!  Lesson Learned #21 – Think about day-of help early on!  We’re mid-way through and this was not something we budgeted for, though it is something that I’m realizing we need.  And it doesn’t come cheap.  You can probably guess that I want to be hands-on, in the mix, making sure our day comes together perfectly (or near to it), but I know that is not going to be possible since I’ve got to be getting all dolled up during peak decorating hours come the big day.

fabric and pattern for handmade birds

With that said, I have been busy working on our handmade details and have a feeling my hands won’t stop creating until September 15th!  I won’t say exactly how we’re going to use these cuties, but take a look at this little short I put together of the fabric birds I’m making…

For other sneak peeks and project photos, check out my Pinterest board.

What projects are you working on for your wedding?  I’d love to hear from other DIY brides… or follow you on Pinterest!


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6 Responses to “Foxy Masks + Fabric Birds”

  1. Kristin D Strickland

    Thanks so much! Lots left to do, but it’s exciting for sure :)


  2. Melody Phipps

    Aww, you will be the most beautiful handmade Bride ever! <3


  3. Andrea Ledezma (Fritz)

    Looks like you are having a great time planning your wedding and coordinating everything. I’m sure it is going to turn out beautiful and unique! I did the same thing for my wedding 4 years ago. My advice for you on your big day is to stop and enjoy each moment as its happening (it passes so fast), and don’t stress over what doesn’t happen exactly as you want it to. The day comes and goes so quickly, but the main thing that everyone wants is for you to be happy.
    I hope everything turns out just the way you want it. Congratulations on this big moment!!

    PS – You won’t know what to do with all your free time once the wedding happens!


    • Kristin D Strickland

      Andrea!!! Thanks for your comment! It is a lot of fun, but it is getting down to the wire and there’s lots to do! Thank you for your advice. I’m so looking forward to our big day… perfect or not, it will be ours and that’s going to be awesome! <3

      And, Melody… thanks girl! <3


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