Our Hop to a New Home


It’s official!  The ‘Roo Crew has a new home on West Chatham Street in Cary, North Carolina! Moving our studio was actually quite a process that took nearly two weeks to complete. The moving schedule allowed us to move one department at a time starting with design and finishing up with production.  As you can see from the photos it was a team effort.

Roo Crew Moving

The bulk of our move took place on a Tuesday and started with plenty of Starbucks.  The team took a break mid-day to listen to some tunes and eat some yummy pizza.  What’s a move without pizza?

Before and After Images

The photos above of the new studio begin on the left with a before shot of the empty space. The middle shot with the stacks of boxes was taken on moving day and the last photo was taken this week with our new work tables in place and nearly all the boxes unpacked.

Moving Images New Sign

We had shelves and shelves worth of materials to pack in our old studio.  Our new appointment space is shown above along with our new window sign.  The ‘Roo Crew is beyond excited about our new studio!

Check back next month for another peek inside our studio.  In the meantime, hop over to Pinterest to see more behind-the-scenes photos!

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  1. Kristin D Strickland

    That pizza hit the spot after days of packing + moving!


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