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handmade bride logoI have been on a wedding planning roller coaster this past month — ups and downs with some bumps along the way, but more joyful squeals than tears for sure.  First though, I’m excited to share our save the dates (yay!)…

austin wedding save the dates

Matt and I really wanted to send our guests something useful.  Our many ideas finally evolved into a double-sided design carrying out a subtle “birds of a feather” theme, complete with a magnet in a small glassine bag and striped yellow twine.  I included meaningful elements into our design, such as the gray pebbles inspired by a summer vacation spent on the beach collecting only dark ones, now displayed in a large candle centerpiece in our home.  As for the birds, well, I’ve always kind of had a thing for them and Matt even has a bird tattoo (plus it is so incredibly sweet that many bird species find and keep just one mate for life).  Introducing several simple patterns with clean lines gave the overall design a modern feel, while slightly hinting at patchwork.

austin wedding save the dates - front, back, assembled

button magnets for our save the datesThough I almost convinced myself to buy a button machine so I could make our magnets, I opted to find a local artist to fill our order.  Lesson Learned #17 – Local artists/shops can help with the details of your wedding — you can often work closely with them and you’ll be supporting a local business.  I was thrilled to find Ed (yep, Evil Ed for the Carolina Rollergirls!), of Derbylicious, on Etsy.  I designed and printed our layout and he took it from there.  I also found another sweet Etsian, Tamara, with an adorable shop, Somerset Market.  I bought our glassine bags and twine from her, which arrived perfectly packaged.

After sending our save the dates, we found out that our cousin would not be able to DJ for us.  Lesson Learned #18 – Don’t put all your DJs (er, eggs) in one basket.  We were hopefully waiting to hear that he’d be able to spin some records for us, but like I said, wedding planning can be a roller coaster ride.  Luckily, we’ve now booked a friend to keep us dancing all night.

rebecca ames photography logOn March 2nd, we were wonderfully surprised to win a photography contest hosted by Becci Ames.  Yay!  Her photography is clean and simply stunning and we could not be more excited to have her shoot our big day!  She recently moved to Durham, NC from Colorado, but she is quickly becoming a local favorite, with several weddings already set for summer.  You’ll be hearing more about her soon, as we’re scheduled to have our engagement photo shoot next month.

rebecca ames wedding photography

Lesson Learned #19 – What goes up must come down.  After such good news, came another bump — a venue mishap.  All is squared away now, and for the better, I might add.  It seems we will now have live entertainment after our rehearsal, so I’m looking forward to that.

Despite a few twists and turns, planning our wedding is very exciting!  And with just six months to go, there is still so much to make and do!  Check on Pinterest for behind-the-scenes peeks and catch Handmade Bride next month to see what’s up.

Are you planning your wedding?  What is your favorite part?  Have you had any bumps?  Please do share!

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  1. Lori

    Handmade Bride is one of my favorite! I love reading about your adventures each month. And, I absolutely adore the photo of your Save the Dates (and you actual SDs)! Great job!


    • Kristin D Strickland

      Absolutely! We’re getting really excited too. Thanks!


  2. Kristen Klett

    Your Save-the-Date cards are full of so much charm! Great post!


  3. site

    Just to let you know your webpage looks a little bit different on Firefox on my laptop with Linux .


  4. Sarah J

    You look beautiful on Becci Ames’ site Kristin. Can’t wait until the 15th!!


    • Kristin D Strickland

      Awww. Thank you so much! That’s really sweet. We’ve had a lot of fun with her so far. And she’ll be there on the 15th too. Can’t wait to see you!


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