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I finally made it over to Furbish Studio last month and I just have to say “WHOA!”  Situated in a turn-of-the-century warehouse in downtown Raleigh, this eclectic shop styled with unique furniture, inspired lighting, and modern artwork is a space I’d like to live in.  Shop owner, Jamie Meares, has a design style that is a force to be reckoned with — just check out her blog, I Suwannee, and you’ll see.  Keila Marino follows suit with her own funky flair, helping to curate this show-stopping collection and oversee the online shop.

furbish studio in raleigh

Keila described Furbish’s style to me as “Eclectic, Southern, Preppy” and it is definitely that and then some.  We’ve put together today’s inspiration board with hints of retro goodness, along with lots of color, pattern, and pizazz.

branded furbish studio inspiration board

Brand Tip:  Keep your eyes open for exciting, off-beat items that might inject some added personality into your wedding day.  I found a frame and an old letter “A” at Furbish and, though I was on a strict no-shopping regime, I knew that they could be used for the wedding to add some detail to our decor.

giveaway banner for furbishmr and mrs cocktail glasses and design sponge at home book giveaway from furbish

That’s right, this month we’ve got one heck of an awesome giveaway featuring two brilliant items!  We’re giving one lucky reader a pair of Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail glasses, hand-picked by Keila Marino of Furbish just for us, AND a coveted copy of Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney.  Since we couldn’t buy and ship the whole Furbish Studio, we got the next best thing to help you style your new couple-y nest.

We’re switching things up this month — we want to hear what the funkiest part of your wedding is/was/will be.  Leave us your comment below and we’ll pick a favorite Friday at noon (Eastern time).  The winner will be announced on Sunday, March 11!

See some more bold colors and patterns on Pinterest!

Images:  Photos at top and to left taken by be.  Within inspiration board:  Bridesmaids with fun tights – photo by Max Wanger Photography; Amazing chevron cake – photo by Southern California wedding photographers, Gabriel Ryan; Reese earrings from Furbish; Christian Louboutin “Pagille” pump; Yellow Bubble necklace from J. Crew; Miss Bianca vintage-styled wedding dress; and Awesome checkered groomsmen shoes – photo by Ashley Maxwell Photography.

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  1. Heather A

    I am having some funky hand drawn chalkboard designs by a graphic designer (including our name, date, funny sayings, drawings, etc). I will be using these chalkboards all around the wedding reception at different locations!


  2. Kristen Said

    Because Richmond was the first street car suburb, we got one of those street cars to take the wedding party all around Richmond and take candid photos at all of our favorite spots around town.


  3. Lindsley

    My favorite dessert is the Thai dish, coconut sticky rice with mango, and I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a tiered wedding cake made out of sticky rice, with beautiful ripe mango slices and orchids adorning each layer.


  4. Aubrey

    we had a lot of personal “fun” touches at our raleigh wedding, starting with a directional billboard (complete with our smiling faces!) greeting guests as they exited the beltway. instead of a formal guestbook, we had our photographer stand on the top of the outdoor stairs and take a group photo of all our guests so we could remember who celebrated the day with us. our friends and family drank out of pint glasses with our names and the date printed on them, instead of plain rented glasses, and could take them home as a memento from the night, and we ended our reception with a slide show of some of our photographer’s favorite images from the whole day. after we left, the party kept going back at the host hotel, where our parents paid for drinks at the hotel bar and ordered pizzas to soak up all the alcohol!


  5. Sarah

    We’re getting married in October and I’m super pumped. I’m proud to be wearing my mother’s dress from 1980 (beeeeautiful with a lacy Queen Anne neckline) and changing into an amazing navy gown from Anthropologie for the reception. Our cake toppers will be felted versions of our pitbull and our cat created by our neighbor just a few houses away! Our favors will be rosemary plants propagated by myself and grown right in our backyard. The wedding will take place at my parents’ house in Durham, and I can’t wait :)


  6. Jodi

    I haven’t been married yet, but I think about it sometimes. Part of me would like to get married in the dinosaur room at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences with the domed ceiling and pterodactyls circling above. Another part of me would like to get married deep in the woods. I know I won’t spend a lot on my wedding dress, like $300 tops. It’ll be vintage and stunning and probably found on Etsy. I won’t stuff my bridesmaids all in the same dress; they’ll be allowed to wear whatever they want (and they’ll also join me for yoga the morning of the ceremony). I’m not religious, and my wedding won’t be either. It will be fun and lovely.


  7. Kim

    Well…our wedding was far from “funky”, but as with any wedding it was unique and memorable. For starters we were married on my husband’s birthday (so he’ll NEVER forget), our 2 year old was in an adorable seersucker suit, and my table centerpieces were simple orchids in terra cotta pots. Raleigh is a great place to get married (and live!)


  8. Laurie

    Where do I start? We are getting married in the church where my parents were married; I have four cousins traveling from Norway to the wedding — one will do a reading in Norwegian then in English during the service; we are having 3 cakes – a grooms cake (Michigan-Go BLUE!) – a traditional Norwegian cake called a kransekaka, and a traditional wedding cake; and after dinner and during the dance we are serving coney dogs for a late night snack. Fun times – can’t wait – 86 days away!


  9. Sarah

    I’m getting married October 2013 and I can’t wait! My wedding will have a lot of DIY projects and personal touches. My “theme” is vintage rustic so I’m making tall centerpieces made from tissue paper and ribbon flowers. In lieu of a guestbook, we’re doing a calendar where guest sign their names on their birthday and will be getting a card from us the first year! :) we’re also planning on doing a wish tree where guests can give us advice and share anything they’d like. My mom is doing my cake which will be simple but elegant with ivory ribbon and roses between each layer. And finally, for favors, we’re planning on bringing the fall into play with pure maple syrup bottles shaped like maple leaves and boxed with a fall flower pick. I’m sure I’ll come up with a million other touches before the big day but just wanted to share a few! :)


  10. Sarah J

    Ok just noticed that I’m the 5th Sara/h to comment here, but here we go…my dream wedding will be in the mountains with the sunset dipping into a valley as the backdrop. But since, I’m not engaged or getting married anytime soon – here are some cool things I’ve seen at other people’s weddings – an Elvis impersonator on the dance floor at the reception, the ceremony was at a local NC goat farm, full moon swimming in a pond, and late-night burger time food truck. A wedding at the Pour House had a cuban theme and mojitos were served, the “bar decorations” were cigar boxes and jars filled with coffee beans and votives. Their 2 dogs were the ring bearers and there was a stage and mic for all the drunken toasts to be given. Following their wedding, the couple took a year-long trip around the world, so cash was accepted in lieu of gifts and there was a globe used as a guest book! Not to mention, the bride had full sleeve tattoos and her now husband is tattoo artist, my favorite pic of her in gown was in front of their antique aquafresh blue pick-up truck.


  11. Sarah (Really... Another one?!?)

    When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew it would be pretty low-key. He joked about doing crazy things because he wanted to test how laid back I actually was. The craziest thing he could think of was joking that we should have inflatable sumo suits. Since we got married at a beach house, I surprised him by having a set of the suits shipped there a couple of days before our wedding. He was in disbelief that I was THAT relaxed about our wedding, but jumped right in and started belly bumping! The suits were a blast and everyone loved them! We even had some married friends that took their aggression out on eachother during an all-out Sumo Smackdown. It was definitely cheaper than couple’s therapy! They may re-appear at an anniversary sometime in the future…


  12. Stacy

    The funkiest thing about our wedding….BY FAR….was our venue. Check out Se7en in downtown Raleigh. We had the wedding of our dreams there.

    Straight from the website: Theatrical, Dramatic, Unexpected…A playground for your imagination. This is exactly what we had.


  13. Kristin D Strickland

    LOVED reading everyone’s comments — there were some really great ideas. From the billboard (whoa!) to the late night pond swimming, it sounds like some of you have had or will have amazing weddings!

    Check back next month for another awesome giveaway.


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