Hello, my name is Moluccella


Nice to meet you.  They call me Moluccella laevis.  I know, my name doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue.  It’s pronounced ‘mol-yoo-SELL-uh LAY-viss’.  Most people call me Bells of Ireland, although strangely enough, I’m not from Ireland.  Must be my green color.  And my bells, you ask?  Well, those are actually my green calyces along with my tiny white flowers.  Can you see my “bell” in the picture below?  Some people like the way I smell, but I won’t be offended if you think I smell bitter.  As long as you don’t get offended if my leaves irritate you a bit!  Just be sure to remove my leaves before using me in your wedding bouquet, and everything will be just hunky-dory.


Bells of Ireland Inspiration Board

  • Bells of Ireland were first cultivated in Belgium in the late 1500s
  • Bells of Ireland are native to Turkey, Syria, and the Caucasus
  • Some people find the prickly foliage irritating,  causing rashes on the skin

In the flower world, Bells of Ireland represent luck.  So, if you’re feeling like a lucky bride, why not carry some Moluccella down the aisle with you?

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Images: Bouquet with Black Background, Green Bouquet, Close-up, Boutonniere, Centerpiece, Bouquet

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  1. Mary Flaherty

    Hello, I am looking for a silk arrangement of the Bells of Ireland. I would need it by April 11th. This is for my best friend sinc birth, 60th surprise party. I don’ need in overwhelming but somhing for her home. Her late father was from County Cork and her mother from Scotland. So she is 1st generation Irish. This would be a very special gift for her. I hav been very sick and she has been at my side as I have lost my sister and two brohrrs and I want to giver her something classy. Can you let me know. We live in Novi, Michigan
    Cell 248 875 3071 Thank you very much. Mary Flaherty


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