The Treasured Map


Whether you’re planning a fabulous destination celebration or a hometown-based shindig, you will most likely be hosting some out-of-town guests. And, thanks to good ol’ technology, there are plenty of ways for your disoriented friends and family to find their way around:┬ásmart phones, GPS, Google Maps and so on. However, having custom maps printed to go along with your wedding invitations is becoming more and more popular.

Map cards by TGK

The great thing about these map cards is selectivity. You choose which roads and points of interest should be included, as well as the scope the map covers. Many of our clients opt to have a “zoomed out” map as well as one or two “zoomed in” maps, for optimum utility.

Custom maps by TGK

Not only are custom maps a generous resource for wedding guests, they are snazzy, unique additions to invitation suites. Simple or complex, they’re sure to give recipients a thrill.┬áPlus, the cards are small enough for most purses and can be brought along on the wedding day. You never know when batteries will die or service bars won’t appear!

Custom maps by TGK

Post-wedding, these works of art make for excellent scrapbook additions. And just like everything else here at The Green Kangaroo, each map is one-of-a-kind, created just for you!

For more information on TGK custom maps, please see our FAQs.

All maps shown above were actual map cards designed for TGK customers.


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  1. Kristen Klett

    Fantastic post, Katie! So many pretty maps, too! They are definitely one of my favorite accessories to TGK’s Wedding Invitations!


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