Color: Pomegranate Mint


Mmm… now that sounds like a delightful flavor of ice cream I’d like to have on this remarkably warm day.  What a refreshing and multidimensional palette!  Rich hues of pomegranate contrasted against subtle shades of mint create a divine duo.  Suitable for any time of year, tints of teal and cranberry are a fresh take on the typical holiday color scheme, while aqua tinged accents paired with cherry red set a romantic mood for retro themed events.  With the look of washed ashore sea glass, opulent hues of sea foam and mermaid are always lovely for airy beach weddings.

pomegranate mint inspiration board

Love the look, but not planning an event right now?  Have some fun with your holiday cards and pick an unexpected cheery color scheme!

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Images: Sweet minty dresses (left: Tulip dress; right: Robin’s Egg dress) by Sarah Seven, Striped straws in bubbly cocktail, The prettiest chapel I’ve ever seen!, Red paper garland, Mint flower headband, Wonderfully sparkly Kvoll aqua shoes, Sea foam milk glass, Pomegranate, Red & Mint table setting, Aqua necklace, Four-tiered cake (a modern under-the-sea look!)

3 Responses to “Color: Pomegranate Mint”

  1. Katie

    Lovelovelove milk glass :D These are very similar to my wedding colors! They’re fabulous!


  2. Kristin D Strickland

    Thanks! Yep, I heart milk glass too — so pretty. I almost mentioned that your colors were similar, Katie, but I didn't want to give too much away!


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