Branded: Anthropologie


Just last night my soon-to-be-father-in-law pegged my style as eclectic.  It’s true.  I’m a sucker for all things vintage, modern, colorful, sweet, and funky; somehow, I make it all work.  Naturally, Anthropologie was at the top of my list to kick off our Monday Ah’s Branded inspiration boards (I am so excited about these!).  The amazing stylists over at Anthropologie have such an impeccable eye for taking the best of all styles and mashing them together to make something really brilliant…over and over again.

From here on out, every first Monday of the month, we’ll be picking a different brand to inspire us.  Do you drool over Anthropologie catalogs too?  Style your wedding eclectic.  Are you in awe of the lastest J. Crew fashions?  Go nautically classic.  Oh, and the best part — we’ll be giving away a favorite item from our monthly selected brand!!!  This month…

I think I’m going to have to order one of these for myself as well!  I can picture it going so well with so many outfits.  It’s even gorgeous enough to wear down the aisle.

All you have to do to enter this month’s giveaway is comment below.  It’s that easy!  Tell us which brand names you love or even just say “Hello!”  We will select a winner at random from all who comment on this post Friday at 12pm (Eastern time).  The lucky reader will be announced Sunday!  Good luck!

Credits: That Amazing Bouquet!, Bird Cages, Hydrangea Centerpiece, Phonograph Tablescape, Patchwork Heels, Bright Flowers



17 Responses to “Branded: Anthropologie”

  1. Lindsley

    I love Anthropologie. Their use of color and pattern is fantastic, and they know how to cut their clothes to fit a woman’s shape. If I had to choose one store to have my entire wardrobe selected from, it’d be Anthro!


  2. Melissa W

    When I want some affordable, made to fit, trendy clothes I pop into NY&C. They always have a great selection in various sizes.


  3. Kristin D Strickland

    Oh, yay! The Perseus headband just arrived and it’s all I can do to not want to take it home with me (I should’ve ordered my own, I know). It’s even better than the photo. Somebody’s gonna be pretty happy later this week!


  4. steff

    gorgeous!! i love their stuff and with my new short hair i love headbands!


  5. Kerri

    I adore Anthro for their home collection. You can always find that one fabulous item that is the inspiration piece for wanting to re-decorate your whole space!


  6. Tammy

    <3 the blogs and would really like to win the headband from Anthropologie. It would've looked great with my outfit today.


  7. Leslie

    Love Anthropologie! I love that their clothes are so effortless-looking and feminine. I ESPECIALLY love their bedding and intimates, too! Loving the blog!


  8. Jennifer

    I am totally in love with Pinterest– it’s all of my favorite brands plus photos to help me express my style– Anthropologie is one of those styles!


  9. Kristin D Strickland

    Alright…13 entries! Stay tuned and we’ll announce the winner on Sunday!!!


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