Time to Celebrate!


We had several reasons to celebrate this week at TGK!  Lead Author of Between Designs, Kristin, celebrated a BIG birthday on Wednesday!  The ‘Roo Crew paused from the daily grind to celebrate with Starbucks drinks and treats.  The studio has also been a buzz this week because our Lead Designer, Katie, is getting married on Saturday!  That’s right! A TGK wedding!  The ‘Roo Crew can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle and celebrate at her reception!

In case you missed a day of Between Designs this week here’s a quick recap:

  • Kristin celebrated her southern roots with a Southern Charm inspiration board.
  • How did TGK get it’s name? Lori finally uncovered the truth in her Ask a ‘Roo article.
  • Say “Cheese!” Our Fresh Forward article highlighted the very popular trend of photo booths.
  • Not quite sure how to layer your invitations?  Watch the video in our first Handmade article!
As promised on Monday, here’s Kristin’s tasty sweet tea recipe.
Check back with us next week for the first articles in our Behind the Scenes and Shout Out! series!  Now we’d like to leave you with a question that was inspired by a conversation in the studio this week.


If the ‘Roo Crew had a studio dog, what should it’s name be?  Tell us below!


5 Responses to “Time to Celebrate!”

  1. Monica Hudak

    If the dog was a boy, I’d name it “Wally” (after a wallaroo), and if the dog was a girl, I’d name it “Matilda” after the unofficial national anthem of Australia.


  2. Lori

    The studio dog should totally be named ROOfus!! Lol. I’m completely kidding!


  3. Kristin D Strickland

    I’ve come up with a couple of ideas, but they really need to go together… so we’re going to have to get TWO studio dogs. Okay?!

    Pulp + Pen (Pen could be a girl)


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