It’s All in the Name

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Q: Why is The Green Kangaroo called The Green Kangaroo? How did you choose your name?        –Kelly in Ohio

A: Kelly- Your popular question is perfect for our first installment of Ask a ‘Roo! We are continually surprised by how often we are asked about our unique name. Apparently it causes many to scratch their heads and wonder!

The One in the Middle

When starting TGK, Head ‘Roo Kristen kept thinking back to her elementary school years, when a close friend referred to herself and Kristen as the “green kangaroos” of their families. The fitting reference (they were both middle children) stemmed from a beloved Judy Blume book called, “The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo.” This sweet story about middle child, Freddy, struggling to find his own identity still spoke to her years later. The Green Kangaroo was the only company name she considered!

As unusual of a title as The Green Kangaroo may be, it still fits us! Kristen sums it up best saying, “Our humble beginnings still fuel what TGK is today. More importantly though, TGK has come to represent the growth and confidence that comes with the opportunity to show the world who you really are. Our products, our team and our customers are unified in this sense – encouraging and enabling us to be who we really are as individuals. Then, as individuals, we work together and support one another in an experience that is meaningful for all involved.”

Roo CrewCredits: Shane Snider Photography, Good Reads, Immigration2Australia

Why did YOU think we were called The Green Kangaroo?

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