Sunflowers and Sapphires in September


What an exciting week this has been!  It was our first FULL week publishing posts for Between Designs!  It seems like it was only yesterday that I attended our first blog meeting and now here we are! Every Friday, we’ll end the week with a short round-up of our favorite items from the blog and other exciting treats which may include a special recipe, behind the scenes TGK news or a silly photo.

  • Do you know what a Helianthus annuus is?  You can find out on Moncia’s post this week.
  •  Planning a wedding with chartreuse and sapphire?  Get inspired from Kristin’s Color Theory inspiration board.
  •  In the market for a wedding band?  Check out Fabuluster’s fingerprint jewelry highlighted in Kristin’s Fresh Forward post.
  • Finally, ‘Roo Katie will author our monthly column, Uniquely You, highlighting our customer’s unique events.  Let us know if you are a TGK bride and interested in sharing your special day with us!

We had some exciting news in the studio this week.  TGK was honored to hear that we’d been featured on page 48-49 of My Sunny Wedding!

Between Designs has some great posts coming next week including the first in our Handmade and Ask a ‘Roo series.  We are looking forward to these articles and we hope you, our readers, are as well.  So come back on Monday!

Now, we plan to start a little Between Designs tradition and leave our readers with a fun question every Friday for you to answer.  Since the weather has been a little gloomy lately we thought many of you might be planning  on curling up with a good book over the weekend.


What book would be great inspiration for a wedding?


6 Responses to “Sunflowers and Sapphires in September”

  1. Kristen Klett

    What a great first week on the new blog! Keep up the good work!


  2. Kristin D Strickland

    Ooh… Alice in Wonderland! It’s been done, but it never gets old.

    I was also thinking of Water for Elephants because of the setting, but I haven’t read it yet (or seen the movie) so maybe the storyline isn’t the best for a wedding theme.


  3. Lori

    I think Water for Elephants is a good pick, too, Kristin. And, the Notebook. Both would be classic, beautiful and timeless.


  4. David Anderson

    Love your blog. Fabulous. Keep up the great work!


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