Memory Makin’ GIVEAWAY!


Here at The Green Kangaroo, we love a good ‘ole Southern wedding tradition just a much as the next girl! The Groom’s cake, handkerchiefs monogrammed with the Bride’s initials, cake pulls and bouquet tosses are just a few of our favorites!

To celebrate wedding traditions everywhere, we are giving away this gorgeous Pottery Barn Wedding Keepsake Box personalized with YOUR information! It’s the perfect way to capture a few of your own cherished wedding memories.

In order to win, simply tell us what regional (it doesn’t have to be southern!) or family tradition you are using in your wedding!
Post your comment on our blog, Facebook or Twitter pages for the chance to win! We’ll announce the winner on Friday, August 12th!

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10 Responses to “Memory Makin’ GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Sarah Torrens

    For my wedding I am most definitely keeping up the southern tradition of the groom’s cake. A lot of people don’t understand the tradition. So much of the day is focused on the bride—I can’t wait to surprise my honey with a cake that represents him. He’s going to love it!


  2. Rachael J

    What a cute way to capture special memories. One tradition we would like to incorporate into our wedding is both a family and southern tradition! Both my mother and grandmother received a monogrammed handkerchief from their future hubby on their wedding day! My fiance plans to continue the family tradition!
    This memory box would be a perfect place to showcase this special item!


  3. Lauren Elmore

    Being a Midwest girl we are incorporating a few traditions from all over. We are doing a Grooms Cake with a baseball theme for my baseball boy :) My fiancé gave me a pair of earrings that have two diamonds in them, these diamonds are cut from his late grandmothers engagement ring. They were given to me at Christmas time and I have planned my dress and other accessories around those special earrings. Incorporating our wedding around family ties is very special to us. :)


  4. Erika Spitler

    I’m from northwest Ohio and having a country rustic winter wedding that honors my grandparents immigrating from Germany, who became farmers and valued the simple life. My fiance also wants to keep the simplistic country atmosphere to honor his grandfather who raised him on a dairy farm. I will have my grandmother’s handkerchief in my bouquet that has been hers since she was a little girl and was shared in my aunt’s and mother’s bouquet. I am having a groomsman cake, which is a typical tradition, of a scuba diver created for my fiance since both of us love to dive so much. Weddings in NW Ohio honor their families by displaying wedding pictures of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, so I will have a table proudly displaying our families. My fiance will be wearing his grandfather’s pilot wings, that he earned by serving in the Pacific during WWII, to honor him. Family is the heart and soul of our lives, so everything about this wedding has been inspired by them.


  5. Kat

    I have four sisters and ever since we were little, we have been making up dances for mom and dad. On my wedding day, we made up a dance, including dad for all of our guests to enjoy. We danced to “I Like To Move It” and towards the middle of the song went out to all our guests and got everyone up to dance! The video shall be great!


  6. Liz @ South Texas Wedding

    We are from South Texas and we are keeping a lot of old traditions. Definitely doing the grooms cake and in the church we are going to have the lasso as part of our mass. I think that the traditions passed from one generation to the next really make the wedding special for everyone involved.


  7. Shannon Kathleen

    Oh my goodness, that box is beautiful!!!
    I’m having an outdoor August wedding in Oklahoma next year, and we’re definitely keeping with some wedding traditions.
    Of course there are the regular apparel stipulations…My lace garter has some blue on it, I’m borrowing my mothers necklace and my hairpiece will be new. I also bought the sixpence piece to put inside of my shoe…:)
    We’re going to have a grooms cake as well, although my fiance doesn’t quite know yet ;) . He’s a musician so we’re going to use that theme.
    And your final three traditions?
    A.) The bouquet toss. I can’t forget that one!
    B.) We are jumping over the broom…it’s not a Southern tradition or a family tradition, but is’s different, and I like it!!!
    And the last tradition?
    We’re going to put cake in each others faces. I don’t know if you consider that a tradition or not, but I can’t wait!


  8. Zusie

    I am a Southern girl, so of course we are going to have the Groom’s Cake, but I want to make it even more traditional than most. Originally the groom’s cake was a piece or mini cake that was given out to take home, particularly to the unwed female guests, and if they slept with it under their pillow they would dream of the man that they would marry—their groom. Well I don’t know about putting modern cake under a pillow, but I think that it would be a great two-in-one to have individual slices of cake in wedge shaped boxes arranged on a cake pedestal as our favor and the Groom’s cake.


  9. Jamie W.

    Both my sister and I got married this summer within three weeks of each other. As our “something old,” my mom gave each of us a beautiful satin and lace cuff from her long-sleeved wedding dress to wrap around our bouquet. It was so special to share that memory with my mom and my sister!


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