Introducing “Linden Tree”

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From last week’s Name the Design contest, we are pleased to introduce our latest suite of unique wedding invitations. Introducing Linden Tree!

The winner of our contest (and a $150 TGK credit!!) is Gregory Scott. We loved his thoughtful and creative entry. Here’s what Gregory had to say:

I think you should name this design: Linden. I think this is the perfect name because many of your designs are given a person’s name; Linden can be used as a boy’s name or girl’s name. And in nature, linden is a tall, attractive-looking deciduous tree. There is also a beautiful poem by Wilhelm Müller, The Linden Tree:

At wellside, past the ramparts, there stands a linden tree. While sleeping in its shadow, sweet dreams it sent to me.

And in its bark I chiseled my messages of love: My pleasures and my sorrows were welcomed from above.

Today I had to pass it, well in the depth of night – and still, in all the darkness, my eyes closed to its sight.

Its branches bent and rustled, as if they called to me: Come here, come here, companion, your haven I shall be!

The icy winds were blowing, straight in my face they ground. The hat tore off my forehead. I did not turn around.

Away I walked for hours whence stands the linden tree, and still I hear it whisp’ring: You’ll find your peace with me!

We are continually inspired by our amazing customers and fans! Thank you, Gregory, for coining such an apt name for our new design!

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