Contest: Name the Design


We’re super excited to be launching a new contest series called, Name the Design! It’s fairly simple—let us know what you think we should Name the Design and we’ll select a winner! The winning name will be used when we launch this invitation and matching accessory pieces!

How to win:
Post a comment on our blog, Facebook page or Twitter account letting us know what you think we should Name this Design (see graphic below) and why.

What will you win:
A $150 credit toward your next TGK order! That’s right- a $150 to use on Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations or Wedding Day Stationery! Now that’ll make you jump for joey!

Contest ends Monday, July 4th. We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, July 6th!

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29 Responses to “Contest: Name the Design”

  1. Fletcher

    “Swirly Spring”:
    Light green text and tree leaves against the bark brown give the impression that spring is finally here. Tree is just starting to sprout new leaves, and they glow that incredible new leaf green. And the swirl, because the tree branches swirl.


  2. Louise

    “Branches of Love”: This invitation reminds me of one of my favorite poems called “The Tree of Friends”. A tree is a great symbol of life and marriage- “blooming” “roots” “branching out” “rebirth”


  3. hermanette Jean-noel

    “Lime Loco”: i look at the design and i see limes.i grew up on the islands and every where you looked there was a coconut tree and lime trees too.More so in the spring time when they would blossom the sprout juicy round limes on a big brown sprouty tree.Life gives you limes make some lemonade!lol


  4. Stacie McGowan

    “Whimsical Willow”. It’s a very joyous looking invitation.


  5. Becca

    “Eve’s Garden” – Reminds me of Adam and Eve with apples. Many of the invitations on the site already have feminine names, I feel like this would be cohesive with the rest of the collection. :)


  6. Rosanna

    “Seeds of Love”
    The small circles remind me of seeds from the tree symbolizing the relationship of the couple soon to be married. These “seeds of love” are being spread to family and friends to join the celebration of a new chapter in the lives of the happy couple.


  7. Amanda

    “Branching Out” because the branches are symbolic of two people branching out of their own families and joining another!


  8. annie

    Spring Shrubs – This picture has a spring feel where the tree shrubs are just growing in


  9. Gregory Reed

    I think you should name this design: Linden. I think this is the perfect name because many of your designs are given a person’s name; Linden can be used as a boy’s name or girl’s name. And in nature, linden is a tall, attractive-looking deciduous tree. There is also a beautiful poem by Wilhelm Müller, The Linden Tree:

    At wellside, past the ramparts,
    there stands a linden tree.
    While sleeping in its shadow,
    sweet dreams it sent to me.

    And in its bark I chiseled
    my messages of love:
    My pleasures and my sorrows
    were welcomed from above.

    Today I had to pass it,
    well in the depth of night –
    and still, in all the darkness,
    my eyes closed to its sight.

    Its branches bent and rustled,
    as if they called to me:
    Come here, come here, companion,
    your haven I shall be!

    The icy winds were blowing,
    straight in my face they ground.
    The hat tore off my forehead.
    I did not turn around.

    Away I walked for hours
    whence stands the linden tree,
    and still I hear it whisp’ring:
    You’ll find your peace with me!


  10. Erin

    I think this design should be called “Let Your Love Grow” because the tree represents growth and it’s a nice sentiment that your love will grow on after your wedding. I think that stays with the cute casual vibe of the invite.


  11. Hermie

    “Tree plus Two”collection whimsical way of counting the tree along with the two people it represents .all this adds up to a perfect equation!


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