National Stationery Show: More Inspiration!

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Part deux of our National Stationery Show inspiration spotlight! So many fun new trends to watch for and ideas to work with. Here are a few more that have the ladies in the studio buzzing:

Clockwise, from top right:

~ Diamond-oriented invitations. We especially loved the way this inner envelope slides apart to reveal the invitation within; almost like a fortune cookie! Which brings us to another trend shown in the same photo …

~ Ethnic influences. From Asian to Middle Eastern cultures, nods to ethnic sensibilities were evident in papers, colors, and patterns. An exotic new twist we are loving!

~ Silhouettes. These darling place cards are topped with tiny silhouettes of the bride and groom trimmed out of vintage, brooch-shaped paper. Yet another iteration of the wildly popular vintage look.

~ A different take on the diamond orientation, this time with a bold, exotic, ethnic-inspired pattern.

~ These unicycles are a quirky combination of the complementary trends of playful, childlike images and funky, carnival-inspired motifs.

We still have another dynamite inspiration board from the National Stationery Show in store for later this week, so stay tuned!

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